Amenities & Activities

The Comforts of Home & Friendly Community

We offer an easy 24/7 admission process

A Comfortable Home 

Change and transitioning to a new living environment can be stressful for anyone, but even more so for an aging loved one. Familiarity, community, and routine are important for the mental wellbeing of our residents. We understand this and put great thought and effort into making Abbotsford HCC a warm, safe, and engaging place for all residents. 

Spacious Resident Rooms 

Abbotsford Health Care Center has all the modern comforts of home.  

  • Private Bathroom 
  • TV with Cable 
  • Internet Access 
  • Closet and Storage Space 
  • Furniture for guests 
  • Comfortable Beds 

Housekeeping and Laundry 

Not having to deal with daily cleaning duties frees our residents to focus on their physical health and mental well-being. We provide daily room cleaning, laundry collection, and washing for every resident. 

Home Style Dining 

Great meals are not only comforting, but they give our residents the necessary nutrients they need during their recovery. Every resident enjoys three daily meals that are served in our communal dining room, or privately if desired. Every meal offering comes with plenty of choices to accommodate the preferences of our residents. Residents with special dietary needs get a special diet prepared by our registered dietitians. 

    Convenient Onsite Medical and Personal Care Services 

    Abbotsford HCC features several onsite medical care options for resident convenience.  

    • Dental 
    • Podiatry 
    • Optometry 
    • Radiology  
    • A resident hair salon is onsite for hair care, shaving, and nail care.

    Favorite Abbotsford Health Care Center Activities  

    We offer a variety of different activities to keep our residents engaged during their downtime. 

    • Bingo – A time tested classic game that still holds up today. 
    • Cards – Bridge, Hearts, and Rummy are just some of the popular card games enjoyed by our residents. Card games bring a mixture of skill and strategy mixed with friendly socialization. 
    • Manicures – Every resident loves a good manicure. It makes them feel beautiful and provides an excellent setting for socializing. 
    • Library – An onsite library is available for residents that enjoy reading, including a large selection of audiobooks for residents who enjoy listening or are unable to read comfortably.   
    • School & Church Visitors – Several times throughout the year, we’ll have visitors from local schools and churches stop by for planned activities. It’s a great opportunity for our residents to connect with the community and feel like they’re productive members. 

    Worship Services 

    Church and worship services are available for all religions and denominations.

    24/7 Onsite Medical Staff

    All Abbotsford Health Care Center residents have access to our onsite medical staff.  Our onsite staff includes: 

    • Wound Certified Nurse 
    • Staff trained in Dementia Care 
    • Registered Nurses 
    • Licensed Practical Nurses 
    • Certified Nurse Aides 



    600 East Elm Street, Abbotsford WI. 54405